Porkbelly Press is an independent chapbook press based in Cincinnati, Ohio (where pigs fly). We print chapbooks, zines (such as the body image zine Love Me, Love My Belly), and the literary magazine Sugared Water.

We welcome works from writers all along the identity spectrum; we're queer-friendly & feminist. No hate speech. 

Our catalog favors lit & poetry leaning heavily toward fabulism, folklore, & magic—often confessional or intimate poems or personal lyric essay. All work should be tightly linked. 

Full guidelines: porkbellypress.com or click the market you're interested in under subs:



Sugared Water is transitioning to an online magazine with occasional mini-print issues. Issues 001 - 007 are print. Issue 008 on will be online. See porkbellypress.com for more information & updates.

Simultaneous Submissions are fine by us, but do let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere and needs to be withdrawn in part (please use the add note box located under the activity tab at your submission). Submittable's "withdraw" button will take the entire packet out of consideration. Need to make an edit? Please use the request an edit feature.

We're interested in all kinds of CNF from lyric essay to memoir. We adore character sketches, journal entries, letters, and flash nonfiction. Send us your feminist tales, recipes passed down through your family laced with personal essay or prose poems. We'll check out your braided essays and vignettes, your lists and even your word maps. Stun us with the beauty of your story.  

Submit up to 2,000 words, but wow us if you do. We prefer shorter works from 500 - 1,500 words. 

We'd be delighted to sample 5 of your finest poems, narrative or lyric, experimental or grounded. We look forward to leaping with you, discovering as you lead us along the page. 

Give us your decayed, sugar-crusted little black hearts. Write to us about sun-warmed planks and hollow bones. Don't be afraid to bury the grotesque right next to the beautiful. It's the change we're looking for, the surprise hidden just under the surface.  

We're happy to consider free verse and prose poems. 

Please submit all poems in one .rtf, .doc, or .docx. 

Poems should be spaced as you'd like them to appear.

Things that are a hard sell for us: rhyme, sports poems, formal poems, preachy poems, poems that contain the word "soul," love poems containing the word "love." 

If your poem has a misogynist tone, look elsewhere. 

Don't be afraid to throw in some genre with your literary works. Here be fans of speculative fiction. We dig the literary stuff too, don't let our fairy tales fool you. Please be sure your piece has some sort of speculative or fabulist element.

Give us your briar patches and shady ladies, your heroes and literary tales. We will consider up to 2,000 words, but our happy place is right around 1,500 or fewer.

Our fiction gnomes get upset when things show up without paragraphs or proper manuscript format. Flagrant lack or proofreading or a failure to observe legible typeface will likely lead to instant rejection. (Please stick to Times New Roman or Garamond.)

Work should be contrasty enough that it'll show up well in black and white. 

All media considered.

Sequential art makes our little hearts go pitty-pat. Have a small comic? One panel? Three panel? Several pages? Send us a sample!

Submission Format

Please send web-ready images (72 ppi) and we'll let you know if we'd like to see printable files. We will consider between 1 and 5 images (or pages) at a time—you should be able to upload them all in one submission.

Output Format

Our pages are half size, so be sure your work will hold up at that dimension, with about a 1 inch margin. We produce our internal artworks in black and white as laser prints.


Be sure the work stands alone, even if it's part of a larger series. We do prefer you submit related works in each packet so we have the option of publishing a mini portfolio.

Biographical Statement

Be sure to include a 50 word bio & blog/web link if you'd like.

Porkbelly Press